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Why we gain more weight when we hit 40 plus ?

During the last 30 years of helping ladies lose weight I have been asked many questions but here are the most frequent especially for ladies over 40.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about weight gain in over 40's ladies.

why does my weight go up even when I'm eating the same way I always have ?

Unfortunately from the age of 40 our oestrogen and other hormone levels start to fluctuate and drop. This can cause our metabolism to slow down and therefore we need less food on  daily basis – so if we continue to eat the same way we will be likely to gsin weight. 

Why does it stick round my middle ?

As your hormone levels start to change (for some this can be the start of being peri Menopausal – see my full blog on this if you think this might be you ?) your body produces less oestrogen yet the body still craves this steroid hormone- belly fat cells are a good store for Oestrogen so it will lay any excess right there ! 

I'm doing more cardio so why aren't I losing fat ?

From here onwards pure cardio is not going to keep your body shape. You need to resistance training mixed in there as well to maintain your muscle which will then burn off the fat. As your hormone levels change over the age of 40 you can tend to have skinny arms and legs but a tummy! I know how frustrating this can be and I have helped thousands of ladies get their body shape back with Kate’s Club my online support and fitness group where we delve in to the correct eating plan & exercise combination you need to get the same results or better than you had in the past. 

Is more exercise the best way to lose the weight ?

 A combination of nutrition and exercise will get you the best results as your body become less forgiving than it has been in the past. You have maybe had great results from points based diet programs like WW or SS in the past but they now no longer work. Now you need to shake up your exercise system (incorporating resistance work) and work with your hormones and your diet. 

I don't have time for the gym so how else can I lose the weight ?

There has never been a bigger selection of online fitness programmes than now ! My top tips are to find someone you can relate to – have they had kids/ a C section/ are they similar age/ are they time short too – Do they MOTIVATE you ? Can you ask personal questions so the program works for you ? As the secret to any wellness plan is consistency these are important components. If you can relate to me, and have injuries or health issues that you need to discuss I’d be happy to lead you in Kate’s Club for 15 minutes a day low impact but effective exercises from your own home and answer any question right here. Message me here (chose speak to Kate option ) 

Could this be a symptom of the start of the menopause ?

If you are in your late 40’s , still have your periods yet  you have had other symptoms such as :

lack of energy 

sleepless nights

increased anxiety 

mood swings 

hot flushes (or night sweats) 

You could be Peri menopausal which can be the awkward time leading up to periods stopping where your hormones are fluctuating hugely & you just don’t feel yourself. This does effect your weight gain but can be combatted in various ways. If you want more information on this subject and to take a self test to see if this could apply to you go to my BLOG.


I hope this has helped answer some of your questions &  as a 51 year old Fitness Instructor I have had to deal with all of these issue myself (especially  when the menopause hit !) and help the ladies who rely on me to give them the answers. I look forward to seeing you on my Facebook page or on any of my programs whether it’s the quick fix of the Belly Blast 7 Day Challenge (which includes an eating plan) or the more personal journey with Kate’s Club , 

Take Care & remember to 


big hugs Kate xxxx