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Weight loss is a rubbish goal!

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Weight loss sins - Are you guilty of jumping on scales more than you should ?

I recently had a rant on my Facebook Page about why jumping on the scales will generally make you eat more. 

‘How can you say that Kate ?’ I hear you ask. Well here are the 3 scenarios when you take a deep breath and stand on the scales :

  1. You have lost weight – Yippee ! 
  2. What ! How can I weigh the same ?
  3. You are kidding me – I’ve put weight on ! 

There is massive emotional attachment to each of these results & there is an instant reaction to the news that usually means eating. 

  1. I’ve lost weight so now I can reward myself by eating that yummy thing I have been denying myself. 
  2. I have been good all week and still weigh the same – sod it I may as well eat the yummy thing I denied myself .
  3. How can I put weight on ? I’ve been exercising like a loony, eating salad all week – Diets don’t work, I GIVE UP.

Scales make you feel like this ! Let's change the approach ...

If you are you are honest it’s not the weight which is your goal – it is the way you will feel when you feel these benefits of fat loss: 

  1. Clothes fit comfortably
  2. Energy Levels go up 
  3. Jelly Belly disappears
  4. Cellulite looks less
  5. You can look in the mirror (& if you’re lucky smile)
  6. Looking good on our holidays

So what's the solution Kate ?

My solution for thousands of ladies over the last 31 years of teaching health & fitness(yes I am that old !) and with my 230 Kate’s Club Ladies weekly is STRING.

Yep a piece of string round the body at the Tummy Button, so you have a reference point. On day one, first thing in the morning if possible you cut the string. Then ONCE a week again first thing in the morning you mark it with a pen as it shrinks.

Measurements from all over the body are ideal but who has the time to do that each week ? The string is a gauge that all is going in the right direction or a warning if you have stopped your Fitness routine and it’s increasing ! 

As discussed in WEmMD, Muscle weighs more than fat. “In simple terms, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat,” Heimburger tells WebMD. “The difference is that muscle is much more dense than body fat. Therefore, a pound of muscle will take up much less room in your body than a pound of fat. Another benefit of muscle, it is significantly more vascular [better blood supply] than body fat and will cause you to burn more calories at rest than body fat.”

Menopausal ladies in particular need to retain their muscle to keep their metabolism high even when oestrogen  levels are dropping. So again scales would not be a good reflection of this. 

So what is your plan ? In this ever changing, slightly frightening new version of normal, how are you going manage your health goals and body shape? As always you know I’m here to help try one of these KS Programs to get your momentum going :

7 Day Belly Blasting Challenge   –

This quick fix Belly Blasting Challenge will reduce your bloat, tighten your abs & reduce your waistline all in this 7 days program consisting of :

  • Daily exercises (less than 15 minutes a day) to tighten your core
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Guides on eating the right combinations to reduce bloat
  • Progress tracker of your waist NOT your weight
  • Eating plans to suit your taste

an example of one of the many 5 star reviews :

Nicola Thomas  

Fantastic 7 day belly blast. Great exercises and food plan to help you. I stuck to the eating plan and exercise and lost 1 inch around my waist. I will be doing this again ready for my holidays. I would highly recommend Kate she great fun, down to earth and knows her stuff.

Are you ready to really make a change for GOOD ? No more Yo Yo dieting – daily guidance, motivation and support from me, via a private Facebook group where we keep it real. No fake promises, no expense supplements, just FUN fitness classes for 15 minutes each day & most importantly accountability. Companionship of other ladies going through same ups and downs but supporting each other all the way. 

Are you ready for change ? If so hit this button & I can’t wait to help you xxxx

PS use code ‘belly’ for a special Kate discount 

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