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Walking for Weight Loss

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Walking for Weight Loss


Wouldn’t you love to know how you could burn more calories with every stride that you take. 

In this 20 minute video I explain to you how to walk in the most active way which will engage the large muscle groups which will in turn burn more fat. It’s that simple !

Now remember to wear good footwear and a good safety tip is to only listen to me with one ear phone in if you are around traffic or busy areas. Although this is a video please just pop me in your pocket and listen as you get walking. 


During the 20 minutes you will  :

  • Focus your mind and adrenaline for maximum impact on your metabolism.
  • You will clear your mind which will help your well-being for the rest of the day.
  • You will burn more calories than you have done in the past over the same period of time.

To progress this further you can either walk for a longer period of time or carry a small backpack or even some hand weights. I’m currently working on a new Walking for Weight Loss seven day program which I’m sure you will love it.

So after you have watched the video above or completed the 20 minute walk here is a simple recap on some bad habits that we can get in to:

  1. Sloping shoulders
  2. Looking down instead of forward
  3. Letting our belly hanging out!
  4. Hunching your back & letting shoulders droop forwards
  5. Walking flat footed – this is often incorrect foot plant. Don’t forget if you can hear your feet listen to the video again : )
  6. Not walking with “Purpose” or “Intent”

Remember to embrace the day, look up and celebrate your Lady Power.

Take this time to focus on gratitude for your health and wellness and the people you love and who love you.

Make a promise to YOU that you will look after yourself better to ensure you can’t walk like this for LIFE.

Live Life & Love It

Kate xx

Remember the best way to maintain your results is to join me in the far more personal Kate’s Club where I can support and motivate you on a daily basis for only 15 minutes a day, I can get you in the best shape of your life. Make sure you take advantage of your discount code which came with this program BELLY, and your first month will only be £9.(don’t worry there is no contract you can cancel at any time)  

Alternatively try the two 7 day Challenge which are currently Buy 1 GET 1 FREE 

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