Success Stories

"I "found" Kate in September 2019. A friend recommended that I follow her on Facebook which I did for a few weeks, as I was struggling to lose the weight I had gained recently. I had been a member of slimming world for over five years ( lost nearly 2 stone in 4 months on joining and had kept it off for 4 years)but over the last 12months I could not lose it.....the plan had stopped working for me. In October 2019 Kate asked for ladies to join her Lady Power pilot group and I thought why not I've got nothing to lose!! What a positive move that was. Over the 6 weeks Kate gave us advice, taught us tools to deal with life and most of all confidence to be us. At the start we were asked to write down 3 words that described us - I wrote fat, lethargic and moody. At the end the 3 words I used for myself were confident, slimmer and enjoying life. During this time Kate offered us the chance to trial her online fitness club, so I gave it a go. I am so glad i did. Each morning Kate does a Facebook live to deliver her class and its 20 minutes of low impact toning. Each Friday we measure our string and the results I have achieved are fantastic. During the months between mid October and Christmas I lost 7.25" from my body - I was amazed. Eating correctly for my body and exercise had achieved this with Kate's help and support. Kate gives advice on changing your eating through the menopause and the research to back all this up. Kate keeps "it real" sharing her family life with us and encourages us to do the same. She is friendly, funny, motivational and just a lovely lady. Joining Kate's club was something I am grateful for and I have made lots of new friends through this as the group is supportive and non judgemental."
Kate Upstone
"Kate keeps it real I first ‘met’ Kate Sansum through Facebook in September 2019. Like most ladies of a certain age, I was struggling with peri-menopausal symptoms and needed support. It can be a lonely and frightening time and Kate was like a breath of fresh air. Her friendly and positive outlook was not only uplifting but inspiring. This led me to finding out more. I initially joined Kate’s 28 Day Planking Challenge and was surprised to see the difference to my waist in a short time. This encouraged me to become a member of Kate’s Club where I learned how to manage my symptoms through daily exercise and healthy eating. The PFC eating plan means never going hungry and will change the way you think about food forever, while her exercise plan fits easily into the busiest of lifestyles. The benefits Since joining Kate’s Club I have lost weight without trying and never feel hungry. I have learnt so much about how to manage my symptoms through nutritional and balanced eating, as well as understand more about my changing body and the best type of care it needs during this time. Kate’s tips and advice are invaluable and they are delivered with a warm, down to earth vibe. Thanks to her and the friendly online community, I feel empowered, encouraged and supported through this menopausal journey. Kate’s Club has been like a lifeline to me in recent months and I would be lost without it now. Thanks Kate for keeping us sane and keeping it real!"
Nona Sinclair
"I had hit my 50s and the menopause had hit me, I needed to try something that would give me back who I used to be mentally and physically. I joined Kate’s Club just over a year ago after completing the 30 day planking challenge, the 15-20 minute home workouts (or stretches) can easily be fitted around your everyday lifestyle, even if you have had a bad day, and we all do. With a little discipline I got into my routine of doing them as soon as I got home from work. I did disappear for a week and up popped a message ‘Hi Fiona everything okay? Kate’ … oops I had been found out, there was no pressure, just a gentle reminder she was there if I needed any additional support or guidance - I was right back on it. There are also weekly inspirational and informative talks too to help to keep you on track to reach your goals. I also joined the Lady Power groups; this is specifically for us ladies who are going through the various stages of the menopause, this group helps you to identify the many symptoms of the menopause and provides interactive talks (and homework) on hints and tips to get through it, these are small closed groups where we can really help and support each other with the tools provided – many of us have now also become friends. Over the past year I have lost 7.5 inches from my ‘string’ (middle); I have learnt how to eat and exercise sensibly, be kind to myself (still working progress) and how being part of this interactive community all aiming to improve their health and well-being under Kate’s watchful and experience eye can laugh, cry but never judge."
Fiona Henman
"Kate is such an inspirational lady. So supportive and such an amazing zest for wanting to promote health and wellness to so many people. I work full time for the nhs and am a mummy to my crazy 7 year old twin boys and even though life is hectic Kate’s club is something that is easily fitted in every day. Loving the amazing results from making very small changes, I’m feeling better than I have in years both physically and mentally. Kate’s club is something that you can do anywhere at anytime to suit you. Thanks Kate, keep up the good work. ❤️❤️ Emma"
Emma Cousins
"I've been with Kate's Club for a number of month's now. she is absolutely Incredible, Consistent, Energetic, Encouraging, and Extremely Supportive. she turns up every single day in person to pick us and and give us one hell of a full body workout. She keeps it real with no fancy gimmicks. i used to go to the gym and classes for hours and not see these results ive gained already. if your needing accountability a kick up the butt and to generally feel better about yourself. Kate's club is the place for you. 💪😊"
Charlotte Woodhead
"I’ve been in Kate’s club now since November and I’m absolutely loving the journey. She is so Motivated and funny in a morning when doing your exercises. I feel like I’ve made a new friend. I’ve also just completed the lady power course and I have learned so much. I feel I’m a much healthier happier and slimmer person because of Kate. She is an inspiration and it’s the best thing Ive done for myself. If your thinking about joining just do it you won’t regret it.I would like to add that since Loosing the weight I am now finding it easy to maintain with the eating plan. It’s so easy to do and I can honestly say that I’ve never been hungry at all. Thank you I love Kate’s club and my husband likes the new me 🥰 xxx"
Nicola Thomas