I’m an expert in Menopause and weight loss let me guide you through this stage of life where we need to work with our hormones and our mindset to achieve our health goals.

  • “I’m you sick of Yo-Yo dieting.”
  • “I’ve tried everything but still, have a bit round the middle that I hate?”
  • “I’ve lost all enthusiasm for exercise because I don’t believe it works anyway”
  • “I miss the social interaction with ladies from my classes. “
  • “I eat the same amount I used to but still put on 1/2 a stone a year!”
  • “I’ve given up on home  exercise because I’ve got a bad back and dodgy knees”

‘Kate Club’ Online Fitness and wellness community helped liberate these ladies from their negative thoughts by showing them a new way of enjoying a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

 To change your body shape for good you need to change your mindset or you will revert back to old habits. This Facebook private group offers support to help change these habits -meditation, walking classes, eating plans, menopausal survival courses,  recipe books, life coaching and more.


I joined Kates club back in June. The daily exercises are great for keeping you motivated and the advantage is that you can do them at a time that suits you best if you’re unable to make them live at 7am. The eating plan is great and is definitely sustainable which is important for me. Kate is very bubbly, energetic, motivating with lots of useful help and information ‘Kate’s Club’ members. So far I’ve lost over 22cm from my waist and am feeling great so will definitely be sticking with it. 

As a social media influencer with 50K followers Kate gives solutions to weight gain during Menopause

Kate teaches you LIVE 5 days of the week –at 52 she is proof that it works.

Kate has spoken at international health conventions about her eating methods.

Kate’s a regular guest speaker with world organisation OYNB helping ladies deal with alcohol & the menopause

For 32 years she has been transforming ladies bodies.

Are you working with your hormones or against them right now? 

Have you seen ladies with thins arms & legs but still a spare tire around the middle? They are working against their hormones and losing body fat from the wrong places.

I can help 

As we get older we need to change the way we eat and the way we exercise to adapt to the fluctuations in our hormones. If you continue to eat the way you did when you were 30 you will gain a dress size each year. 

Kate’s Club liberates you from dieting and helps you learn how to combine the foods you love in the right portion sizes to either lose or maintain your weight and body shape.  

Club members have been on all-inclusive holidays and only put 1/2 an inch on around their waist – wouldn’t you love to know how to eat from a buffet and not gain weight? 

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Kate’s Club monthly membership cost is £27.99 (cancel at any time) Here’s your secret success formula:

  • Daily motivational exercise videos either LIVE with Kate or on catch up.
  • Simple Eating plans and personal advice
  • Proven PFC eating plan with food combinations that burn fat and increase your metabolism
  • An interactive Facebook community with lovely ladies who make all beginners very welcome
  • Workouts include walking, stretching, mediation, bands, hand weights. All low impact and perfect for beginners.
  • Hundreds of archived workouts to suit you. 
  • Action steps to improve your life and achieve your dreams
  • Information on understanding how your body changed during the menopause
  • Motivational Monday’s – Live chats with Kate on current topics that affect ladies. 
  • Daily Q & A after each workout session.
  • Kate’s Club is more than just fitness
  • goal setting 
  • life coaching 
  • reducing anxiety 
  • mediation 
  • brain fog clearing 


  • no more scales 
  • specific exercises for ladies over 45
  • full body workouts
  • weekly accountability
  • meal plans
  • an eating method that works!


  • make friends within the group 
  • questions answered by Kate
  • virtual walking  
  • daily inspiration 
  • empathy for Meno moments
  • personal support 

Kate's Club is waiting for you ladies.

Hi ladies,

I am dedicated to helping ladies be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves, I would love to help you get started on your journey to feeling more confident in your skin.
You will feel energised after each workout, with a spring back in your step.
Ladies always find they sleep far better because of the eating plan and the exercise.I have taken years to perfect my way of delivering health and happiness right into your kitchen, front room where ever else you like to tune in from.
This is the best present you could ever give yourself, you will be amazed at how good you will feel in a matter of weeks I’ll have you feeling like the Wonder Woman you know you are.

See you soon,

Kate  xxx