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Live Fitness Classes Online with Kate.

You’ll get top class coaching in front of your couch with Kate.
‘She keeps it real’ is the most common comment from the ladies in her online community -Kate’s Club. The unique benefit of this online program is that Kate works out Live with you 5 days a week (or watch at a time to suit you), talking to you, motivating you as though you were in the same room as her.

Her weekly Q&A Live chats are a perfect opportunity to share goals, recipes, tips to keep weight off in these challenging times.


Live Fitness Classes Online with Kate.

You’ll get top class coaching with Kate Sansum on a daily basis, fresh and real.
‘She keeps it real’ is the most common comment from the ladies in her online community -Kate’s Club.
The unique benefit of this online program is that Kate works out Live with you 5 days a week (or watch at a time to suit you), talking to you, motivating you as though you were in the same room as her.
Her weekly Q&A Live chats are a perfect opportunity to share goals, recipes, tips to keep weight off in these challenging times.

If you are 40 plus you need to know why you are more prone to put on weight around the middle while losing toning and muscle from your arms and legs – let Kate guide you through this very difficult and frustrating time.
You have seen the TV superstars lose and maintain their weight for years and now Kate will share the secrets how they do it and how she has changed the lives of hundreds of people just like YOU!

The Truth is also we need to balance our food correctly especially if your hormones are changing. My solution to your problem is quite simple join me in my weight loss community on FaceBook and I will be with you step by step as you turn your body into a fat-burning machine and discover the new you.

FIRST, you will recalibrate your body
I will teach you what to eat, when to eat and how to eat whatever you like and lead you through simple fun motivational exercises to tone up your NEW body.
I will show you how to simply eat Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates in exactly the right combinations to keep the weight off forever and THRIVE in your new bikini-ready body.

  • Daily motivational interactive videos with fresh content
  • Simple Eating plans and advice
  • Proven food combinations that burn fat and turn your body into a fat-burning machine
  • An interactive community of people just like you.
  • The unique PFC eating system guide specifically designed to burn fat
  • Toning and stretching workouts
  • Action steps to improve your life and achieve your dreams
  • Information on understanding how your body changed during the menopause

10 reviews for Kate’s Club Online Fitness & Weight Loss

  1. Teresa

    I started Kates Club when I was feeling low and unhappy about my body. Was very sceptical at first and decided to try it in a holiday week to get my head around not only the exercises but also the eating plan. I only had to pay for a month too and if I didn’t like it I could cancel. That was October 2020 and it is now February 2021 and I have only missed one session of Kates Club and that was New Years Day.
    Kate is human. Sometimes she forgets what’s coming next, sometimes one of her boys join in and other times she tells us things that have happened to her. It puts everyone at ease as I am sure that we all agree that life is far from perfect.
    I enjoy waking early and doing the 7am live Facebook session and often arrive at work having already done over 2000 steps. I feel energised and look forward to the day ahead and in lockdown that has to be positive.
    I am not sure if I am menopausal but Kates Club has helped me to be happy in my skin and not worry about what the dreaded scales say. I fit my skin and feel the benefits of the daily 20 minute workouts.
    All in all I would highly recommend Kates Club as it is so just more than an exercise class. We are all a close knit group who share our concerns and see that others are also experiencing the same. Thank you Kate. You have made lockdown a much easier hurdle and when this dreaded virus passes I will continue with Kates Club as it is so very enjoyable.

  2. Terry

    I have been in Kate’s Club for nearly two years and it’s definitely a good habit I’m into now. I don’t get up early enough to be live with her Monday to Friday but you can do the workout whenever you want within the FB group and she will always answer any questions either there or by private message. It’s a new routine every week so your body doesn’t know what to expect, with a ten minute blast on Saturday and stretching on Sunday. Loads of information about the best way to eat and a very supportive group of ladies are just two more benefits.

  3. Dawn Cope

    I’ve been with Kate’s club nearly 8 weeks now , recommended by my sister . Wow I was hooked after the first session ! I’ve tried different forms of exercising but always lost interest I can honestly say I look forward to Kates workouts every day ,either live or on catch up whatever fits in with your lifestyle. It’s never a chore like other exercises I’ve done . Loads of recipe ideas along with “Motivational Monday “ from Kate every week . So far I’ve lost an inch from my waistline & over an inch from my thighs feeling so much better about myself . Thanks Kate you’re a star ❤️


    Love Love Love Kates Club , I had got to the stage where my normal workout had stopped working (dreaded Menopause ) and then found Kates club which as given me my energy levels, motivation and a whole new outlook on how to change my diet , I was introduced to PFC a new way of eating for me and the results were almost instant , I loved how I lost that mid afternoon dip in energy levels , and Lost inches that I could not move doing my usual workout, I do my workout first thing live with Kate and it sets me up for the day , but if that doesn’t tie in with your routine you can do the workout on catch up at any time to suit you , You get so much more than just a workout too , recipe ideas , Motivational Mondays advice always at hand , Saturday Sizzlers and a lovely stretch on a Sunday , plus so much more , an added bonus for me I was always useless at crunches and sit ups … not any more with Kates guidance . I love it

  5. Helen Walker

    If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to exercise you have come to the right place. Everyone is welcome and nothing is taboo! You don’t have to worry about pitching up in Lycra to a gym, you make it work around you.
    Kate does exactly what she says, she just tells it like it is and is so motivating! You can’t help but smile (even if it a grimace while huffing and puffing through a workout!).
    I’ve been in Kate’s Club for over 18 months now and couldn’t see my day start without my KC workout and the stories from the other members. I would highly recommend this group to anyone!

  6. Donna

    I have been a member of Kate’s Club for 5 months & so far I have lost almost 7 inches from my waist ,which I’m now maintaining. I feel healthier ,fitter & I am coping better with menopausal symptoms thanks to Kate’s help. You can fit in a short daily low impact fun workout when it suits your lifestyle for a mere 20 minutes Monday to Friday & a short 10 minute faster workout on Saturday ,followed with a fantastic 10/15 min stretch & relaxation on a Sunday .Just around 2 hours a week time well invested for “You”well worth the investment ! Kate also motivates & helps you on a personal level ,keeping it fun,keeping it real,keeping it fresh. My only regret is that I never came across Kate’s Club earlier👍🏻🥰

  7. Clare

    I have been with Kates club sin e Feb 2019 after the Jan planking challenge gave me a flavour of Kates enthusiasm and commitment to helping women no matter what their situation to meet their personal health fitness and wellbeing goals. Being a busy working mum with many responsibilities to juggle, kates way of condensing exercise into 15 20 minutes of daily time just for me has been an innovitive way for me to get back on the exercise journey. Being able to interact with the lives and get support both from kate and other members has madesuch a difference and has been particularly invaluable during the pandemic when we have all been at home. I love being part of the community. Not only that, in the past 21 months i have shfung and am almost 3 jeans sizes smaller than i was this time 2 years ago and am smaller than i have ever been. The eating regime is great once you are used to it and this is the only time i have lost and maintained the loss. I feel healthy and more confident. It truly has changed my life and i would recommend kates club to anybody.

  8. Kerry

    I joined Kates club back in June after getting good results with Kate’s 7 day Bum & Thigh Challenge. The daily exercises are great for keeping you motivated and the advantage is that you can do them at a time that suits you best if you’re unable to make them live at 7am. The PFC eating plan is great once you’re used to it and is definitely sustainable which is important for me. Kate is very bubbly, energetic, motivating and puts an awful lot of effort into providing lots of useful help and information for her ‘Kate’s Club’ members. So far I’ve lost over 22cm from my waist and am feeling great so will definitely be sticking with it!

  9. jacqui wallace

    Thank you Kate for a fabulous 10 days Managing the Menopause course, learnt so much, and felt so inspired by the community of women in the group, so much so that i have now joined Kate’s Club! Yippee xxx

  10. Marion

    I’ve been doing Kate’s Club for a bout a year now and I would not be without it now. Kate is so motivating and encouraging and where she gets her energy from I don’t know, if she could bottle it I’d buy the lot! We have fun whilst exercising every morning and I’m sure I speak for the other in Kate’s Club when I say she keeps us laughing, with her antics and stories. As she says “keeping it real girls!”, she certainly does that. She talks you through any injuries you maybe dealing with at a specific time and helps with meal plans and boosting you when you just have an “off day”. The other members all pull together to support each other and Kate is there for us all always. I have to put my hands up and say I don’t always stick religiously to the pfc plan as much as I perhaps should, but through exercising more and getting the motivation to keep going everyday I have managed a loss of 10 cms off my waist, and I feel a whole lot better within myself. Thank you Kate without you I know I wouldn’t have managed that. Join Kate’s club you won’t regret it. 💪🙏

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