7 Day Bum & Thigh Fat Burning Challenge

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This quick fix Bum & Thigh shrinking Challenge will reduce your hips & thighs, decrease the cellulite, burn the fat from all areas of your body.
This 7 days program consisting of :
  • Daily exercises (less than 10 minutes a day) to to ignite your metabolism & burn fat.
  • Toning for legs and buns
  • Guides on eating the right combinations to reduce bloat
  • Progress tracker of your problem area NOT your weight
  • Eating plans to suit your taste
  • Discounted Access to Kate’s Club online community of over 200 like minded ladies

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9 reviews for 7 Day Bum & Thigh Fat Burning Challenge

  1. Martine Reynolds


  2. carmen

    I have been with Kate from the early days of her club…i had to leave it for awhile as my finances dropped so had to cut down and I so missed it
    I am now back again .
    I tried Joe wicka during the time I was off it as it was free but kate is so much better…kates club us worth spending the money even if you have to cut back on sometjing else
    She is fun and professional and works all your body in lots of different ways
    The work outs are different each week and she motivates you 100%

    She gives you lots of tips about all sorts of things too

    I highly recommend joining her club you will not regret it

    Thank you Kate for being amazing

  3. Fiona

    Bum and thighs have always been the area I needed to work on, this 7 day workout has made a difference, I will do this one again to continue to improve these areas and get back into the clothes I want to again. The short but effective videos mean that anyone can fit it into their lives. Would HIGHLY recommend giving it a go. Thanks Kate 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Debbie Morgan

    I really enjoyed this challenge , so easy to follow and fit into your day , low impact with great results in a short amount of time , I add these challenges onto my sessions from Kate’s club and it really gives me a boost , mornings are best before work and it really sets you up for the day . You will love the fast results 💯

  5. Judy McGuire

    Very good

  6. CS

    Very worthwhile 7 days programme – great motivation and enjoyable.

  7. Nicola Thomas

    Fantastic workouts and at a great price. It’s a no brainer…

  8. Kate Upstone

    What a fantastic workout with great results. In the 7 days I lost 1″ of my hips and 1/2″ from my belly. The workout was fun and easy to follow and Kate makes to fun

  9. Kerry

    Great challenge and great results! Following this I have now joined up for Kate’s club 😁

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