7 Day Belly Blaster Challenge & Painless Detox

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This quick-fix Belly Blasting Challenge & Detox will reduce your bloat, tighten your abs & reduce your waistline all in this 7 days program consisting of :

  • Safe low impact daily exercises (less than 10 minutes a day) to tighten your core
  • A downloadable Workbook with a full guide
  • A support group of ladies who have had success
  • The secret weapon – Accountability through commenting under the daily video when you have done the exercises each day
  • A Painless Detox meal plan with choices to suit your taste
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Progress tracker of your waist NOT your weight (say goodbye to scales)
  • an easy smoothie guide explaining what to use and why in your detox plan
  • Live weekly sessions with Kate to get you going on a Monday morning

39 reviews for 7 Day Belly Blaster Challenge & Painless Detox

  1. Angela Wright

    I joined the challenge as I was at my wits end and feeling down about my weight creeping up and gaining that menopausal belly, whatever I did nothing worked. I have thoroughly enjoyed the exercises first thing on a morning, setting me up for the day. I’ve lost 1.5 inches off my waist and the biggest bonus for me with sorting out the way I eat and what I eat and keeping my sugar levels even my hot flushes have stopped, I’m so thrilled. Kate is a breath of fresh air and is inspiring

  2. Octavia Gleedwood

    I have done a couple of Kates classes now – belly blast and the menopause one. Both were absolutely fantastic. I would credit a lot of this to Kates attitude – she is a genuine, natural person unlike many fitness and health people who can come across as just the opposite. I lost 1″ and 6lbs on the 1 week belly blast and was absolutely delighted (especially as my hip packed up after day 3 so I was unable to complete the exercise part). I will be joining Kates Club once I am able to exercise again but in the meantime I am going to do the belly blast eating plan on alternate weeks with PFC to try to get my weight down a bit more. Highly recommended.

  3. Doreen Carslaw

    I needed a kickstart from putting on unwanted pounds over Xmas, and the 7 day detox did just that, I lost 2 1/2” off my waist, and 3lbs off in weight, I felt great during the 7 days, and never felt hungry.

  4. Lynn Crichton

    The Belly Blast & Detox was a great start to the year. It was easy to follow and great support from Kate and the other ladies. I lost just under an inch off my waist and definitely noticed I was less bloated. Thanks Kate x

  5. Sue

    Joined the Belly Blast as I needed some motivation to get rid of my bloating especially after over-indulging over Christmas. The meal plan is easy to follow and I have a new love for smoothies!! Daily exercise is great and love the way Kate is so motivational, supportive and very down to earth!! I’ve lost 1.5 inches from my waist in just 7 days and have lost the bloating feeling. I would recommend the Belly Blast program to anyone!!

  6. Kim King

    Can’t recommend this enough. I lost 2cm from my belly in a week and got rid of the Xmas bloat. Kate is energetic and enthusiastic with a very caring, kind style. I’d give her and the programme 10 stars if I could!

  7. Jacqui wallace

    Fantastic way to start 2021 Kate is super inspiring and would recommend this challenge highly.

  8. Bindy

    This programme is amazing. Kate is the only trainer that I have connected with, long term. I’ve been inspired to do these short exercises daily, along with the detox and have really benefitted. I lost 3.5 inches around my waist in 7 days! It’s great to connect, support and encourage each other in the Facebook page too.

  9. Helen Patten

    Best thing about this challenge – it’s achievable! The workouts are structured at a level were every ability can access and achieve and you are not left feeling deflated because you cannot do it! Kate is very relatable too; she is funny and relaxed and approachable. The detox was super easy and the smoothies were lovely (I have one for breakfast every day now!) there was a good, supportive crowd on the FB page too which always help! Absolutely no negativity here, just a positive vibe from a positive lady! I lost 3 inches off my waist but I wish I had measured my back too as I have definitely lost at least an inch there too. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate at all! 🙌

  10. Charlotte

    I can’t recommend this program enough. It’s absolutely brilliant. I lost 2 1/2 inch off my waist in 7 days. I’m so happy. I couldn’t have done it without kate and the other ladies support. Thank you kate our very own Superwoman 🦸🏼‍♀️ xxx

  11. Liz Pitcher

    Highly recommended, after just one week I lost 1 1/2 inches off my belly, and have tried lost of new foods too. Thank you Kate. x

  12. Linda

    Belly blast is great. Focuses your mind to think about what you eat. Can do exercise on catch up too which is fab. Great to feel part of a group of like minded ladies

  13. Susan Currue

    Just completed 7 day belly blaster with Kate and have lost 2 inches. Absolutely delighted! This was just the kick start I needed for 2021 and believe I have learnt a great deal with Kate and the group who have shared information. I would highly recommend this programme for any one who has got into bad habits and as a woman in her 40 ‘s needed some motivation..I will be continuing putting into practice what u have learnt. Kate is your gal!
    Big thank you to Kate for all your support and encouragement… You are an inspiration 💪🙌

  14. Kerry

    Great way to start the New Year after a lovely indulgent festive period! I’m part of Kates Club anyway but thought this would be a fab kick start to 2021. Lots of yummy healthy food on the plan which is totally flexible to suit your tastes, great targeted exercises and 2 inches off my waist after 7 days – very happy! If you’re thinking about doing it just go for it!

  15. Fionna

    Joined in the Belly Blast challenge. It’s been a very motivating and encouraging eating / exercising experience. I would thoroughly recommend people to join in if they need to kickstart their bodies. Kate has a very organised programme to follow. I am so impressed I am going to join Kate’s Club to continue on this path 😀

  16. Debbie clark

    I have thought about doing this a few times before but never done it as have a bad back, but after speaking to Kate who gave me good advice I decided to do it, the group members are all so encouraging & helpful,& give good ideas & tips to help you out.The exercises are explained well & build up at a good pace, my back wasn’t sore the only time I was sore was just near the end on the Sunday this was because i did to much, the two days before,I did the Kate’s club work out to, but this was down to me.I left out the exercises on the Sunday & still managed to lose just over two & half inches off my string on the Monday.Kate is such an enthusiastic person full of life,I felt as those she was in the room with me, well done Kate,✅thank you agai 🙏

  17. Liz Pitcher

    Thank you Kate, for introducing me to smoothes. I’ve never really liked them, but because of doing the Belly blasting & changing the way I eat, I’m now enjoying two a day & loving them, I’ve also cut down on my coffee intake to just two cups per day! 🙏🏽💕

  18. Elsie Pockett

    Great results after 1 week, lost just over an inch around waist! Eating plan very easy to follow, loved the smoothies! Exercises tackled the abs and alternatives given if you have any sore bits! Kate is so full of enthusiasm and engages with everyone! Highly recommend her classes or groups.

  19. Doreen Grigor

    Highly recommend belly blasting challenge. You won’t be disappointed.

  20. Donna Warrender

    Why I never found Kate earlier I do not know ?Thanks to one of my best friends who convinced me to have a go ,I decided to trial The 7 Belly Blaster to see if it suited me. An Easy Food Guidance Plan ,Great manageable low impact exercise’s you an access at a time that’s suits you.Kate is friendly ,fun ,genuine & gives lots of encouragement & tips along the way . I lost 2.5 inches off my waistline ..I just had to join Kate’s Club .

  21. Kirsteen Mackay

    Can’t recommend this enough. Great workout, delivered with such enthusiasm & easy to follow instructions. Kate is completely down to earth & the results don’t lie – 6.5cm lost from my waist 🙌

  22. Karen Millington

    I’ve been part of Kate’s club twice, first time for about 3 years (only left due to work commitments) then this time for the past 3 months.
    I originally started doing a planking challenge and subsequent challenges and have again join the new belly blaster and I can say with confidence that it has worked. I’ve lost 1. 75 inches off my waist. Kate is a grest instructor who keeps you motivated and positive, especially through these difficult times.
    I would definitely recommend the belly blaster and joining Kate’s club.

  23. Tracy Connell

    Already a member of Kate’s Club and this was a great bonus from Kate to help target a specific area. It only took 10 mins each day which is one of the reasons I managed to do the full 7 days. Best news is that I lost a total of 2″ from chest, waist and thighs 😁. If you’re not already a member of Kate’s Club come and join us. The routines are varied yet challenging at times, Kate is so motivational and honest and the group itself is friendly and supportive.

  24. Charlotte Woodhead

    Kate is absolutely amazing. She’s with us live every morning to help motivate us for the day. The Belly blast is yet another amazing routine Kate has put together for us. In the first week i lost 2 inches off my waist. It literally takes 10 mins of your time. Its an absolute must for anyone struggling with that annoying area. Go for it ladies. You will not be disappointed.

  25. Fiona

    I love Kate’s bite size challenges as I like to call them – because, not only are they achievable, they get results. The Belly Blaster has really helped define my core and abs in just seven days!

  26. Tammi Macmanard

    The best gift you can give to yourself. I felt so much better after the belly blasting challenge, less bloated, less podgy! I totally trust Kate with my health and fitness. Thanks Kate x

  27. Fiona

    It works ladies, and easily fits around your day, give it a go, you won’t regret it

  28. Terry Mullett

    I’ve been doing Kate’s Club for a year now and I’m happy where I am, so I was delighted after doing the 7 day Belly Blaster to feel tighter round my waist/core and to have lost half an inch. The programme is there now whenever I need an extra boost – you can do anything for seven days!

  29. Jane

    Delighted with my results from the 7 day Belly Blast with Kate, I lost an inch from my waist and an inch from around my back, (bra line) I am also a member of Kate’s Club and would highly recommend. Kate is enthusiastic, great fun and keeps you motivated, the exercises are low impact but very effective and achievable, and can be done live or on catch up, gets you set up for the day.

  30. Kate Upstone

    This is a fantastic challenge to undertake. I did the full 7 days and lost an inch off my belly and a further inch off my thighs and waist. I am so pleased with the result. Kate is so motivating throughout and the exercises are great the way that they are built up during the week. Would recommend giving it a go…..nothing to lose but inches 😁😁

  31. Louisa

    Gets the muscles working

  32. Tracey Hoy

    I did the Belly Blaster and was over the moon when I lost almost 2 inches round my waist. Kate is very encouraging and very friendly. The exercises are straightforward to do. Adding time on each day is great as your body adjusts well. I would definitely recommend the Belly Blasrer to anyone . Thank you Kate, you helped me gain some control of my body again.

  33. Debbie

    Great challenge lost an inch round my waist , now always have this to go back too ,Kate is so uplifting and she makes me feel motivated everyday love Kate’s Club great community.

  34. Breige McKinley

    Excellent workout

  35. Debbie Morgan

    I really enjoyed this challenge , so easy to fit into your day and very effective , Kate is amazing very enthusiastic and keeps it real and fun ,the exercises are all low impact, which I found easy and achievable and you will love the results in such a small amount of time . Give it a go I did and really enjoyed it , especially mixing it in with Kate’s Club the results are so quick , you find yourself looking forward to your sessions .

  36. Julia

    What an amazing 7 days of belly blaster, very direct workout to the belly area. I did not find it hard (very short time out my day to do the workout with Kate) – but made a huge difference to not just my belly, my chest and thighs shrunk so in total 3 inches lost for the 3 areas….the motivation after doing it has made me continue and I feel so much fitter. Highly recommend doing this.

  37. Debbie

    Great results from doing this Belly Blaster. Kate is really enthusiastic and you feel like she’s in the room with you, cheering you on to succeed. Lost an inch from my waist and feel my body shape changing too. Definitely recommend this along side Kates Club. Good endorphins start your day in a better way or even any time through the day to give you a great boost. Thanks Kate great value

  38. Nicola Thomas

    Fantastic 7 day belly blast. Great exercises and food plan to help you. I stuck to the eating plan and exercise and lost 1 inch around my waist. I will be doing this again ready for my holidays. I would highly recommend Kate she great fun, down to earth and knows her stuff.

  39. Fiona

    Realistic plan with great results thanks

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