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Kate’s Menopausal Checklist – What Are The Symptoms?

I realised at the beginning of this summer that all was not right in my energy levels, moods, and night sweats were the final realisation – OH GOD IT’s THE MENOPAUSE!

I have been a Fitness professional for the last 30 years so I’ve helped hundreds of ladies through some of these issues but was now faced with my own decisions – how do I get help and what can I do to stop these hideous symptoms ?

Only then did I find that no-one seems to talk about this condition and yet 50% of the population go through it ! So I started my own research and found a solution ready for my first doctors appointment – the Greene Climacteric Scale, or ‘Kate’s menopausal Checklist’ to you & I.

Generally you have an appointment at the Doctors (usually 10 minutes), if you are confused and emotional there is not much of a chance that they are going to pick up that you are Peri Menopausal (still having periods) or menopausal. They may well give you anti depressants or another treatment that will not actually help you.

I would like to state right now I have the utmost respect for GP’s and when I went armed with my Menopausal Checklist my GP was really grateful as it helped her see straight away my general wellbeing and helped her give me the right solution – which in my case was HRT. She asked me to share this checklist with as many ladies as I could so that is what I have been doing and so far over 4,000 have used ‘Kate’s Menopausal Checklist’.

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is not a solution for every one and I have shared many hours of videos on my Facebook page trying to help ladies find remedies for the symptoms when HRT is not the right path for them for example weight gain is a huge problem for many ladies at this stage so take a look at the LIVE I did on this subject WEIGHT GAIN LIVE .I have devised this Checklist to help other ladies give their Doctors all the information about their symptoms in an easy to see form.

Simply fill in this Menopausal Checklist at the bottom of this Blog and take it with you to your appointment.

I really hope this helps you on your journey & I share my experiences right here in my blog & on my Facebook page each week.

As you know I’m a huge advocate of exercise as a form of help during stressful times, which the menopause certainly is !
I support 250 ladies on a daily basis in Kate’s Club where we do Low Impact exercises each day for just 15 minutes – hardly enough to get a sweat (unless you were having a flash already !!) but exactly what your body needs to keep that belly fat at bay.
Exercise helps lift your mood, set you up for a good day, & motivates you to make the right food decisions that day.
I wish you all the best health and happiness this festive season & don’t forget I’m here for you in Kate’s Club where I can give you personal daily advise & most importantly MOTIVATION to stick with it !


Live Life & Love it ,Kate  XOX


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