You are currently viewing Hormonal Head Aches – how to help tame them.

Hormonal Head Aches – how to help tame them.

There is no escaping a head ache but how can we minimise them .

This Facebook Live was part of my Menopausal Month where I reviewed 19 of the most common symptoms of the Menopause and helped ladies find solutions for them. However these tips do stand for anyone who has regular headaches. 

I have ongoing support on my Facebook Page for ladies at this tricky stage of life. 

I also love helping ladies with the other very real and self confidence burning problem – BELLY FAT . Yes it’s a thing when we reach 45 plus there is a scientific reason for the increase in belly fat. The diets and exercise that has served you in the past will no longer work as your oestrogen levels drop and peri menopause (before your periods stop) sets in. 

I have found a solution and have helped literally thousands of ladies with this problem in my online support and fitness group ‘Kate’s Club’  .

I’m in the same boat as you and we go through the 20 minute workout and daily chats together either LIVE or on catch up. Every week it’s different, the advise is bang up to date & real !!! I’ll help you stop Yo Yo dieting and actually find a happy place with your body. Come and take a look – in fact I’m in such a great mood today I’m going to give you a 50% discount code for your first month (so it will only cost you £8.99 and you can try it and if it’s not for you cancel at any time ) use  the code ‘belly’ yes I know – it’s the only way I can remember it ! 

What have you got to lose – apart from Belly Fat : ) 

I wish you well in these times of change and look forward to hearing how your head aches have tamed. 

Love & life Kate xxxxxThis is what Emma had to say