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Do you drink more alcohol than you did before lockdown?

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I drank too much during lockdown and I'm not the only one!

According to Alcohol Change Uk 28% of people drank more in LockDown

Do you enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day?

Did you accidentally start drinking a little more during Lockdown?

I decided in July that I was looking forward to that afternoon drink a little too much and that I wanted to CUT BACK. Well, that kind of lame intention got the lame result it deserved! Then I discovered I struggled to not drink for a few days in a row oh oh – I needed to find a different strategy. 

As some of you know I’m a Black Belt in Sport Karate and I never could have achieved that without fabulous Instruction and deep motivation to continue even when times got tough. So I decided to tackle changing my drinking habits in the same way -get daily inspiration and proven plan.  

Thankfully my husband Lee mentioned a programme called One Year No Beer which friends of his had used and had amazing results with. 

My response was an exasperated ‘A YEAR without alcohol! Are you kidding me! I just want to cut back a bit’. To which Lee said ‘ have a look at least’. 

So I did ‘have a look’ and was captivated by the testimonials I saw from people just like me.  

I went for it and started on a Tuesday morning -just like we are going to do next week. 

I had no idea how many benefits I was going to receive :

Attention Menopausal ladies – I can’t believe how many of my symptoms went after just 10 days and then after 28 days, I felt like a different woman! But a picture paints a thousand words look at my face left day 1 right day 28. I looked and felt 10 years younger. 

Now I want to share the experience with you. Join me on my Facebook Page every day at 7.30am (or on catch up) & let’s go on the journey together.

I will introduce you to the One Year No Beer Community.  I was only able to complete the 28 Days with their support and guidance as there were some tough days. I had no idea of the science behind the alcohol and why I was finding it so hard to give it up.  

Community and accountability is key – which is why we will share how we are getting on each day, just with a tick under my LIVE video to say you are still on track. 

Share with a friend right now and make sure I have your details for future Blogs and the New walking for Weight Loss program special offer when it comes out

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