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Are you ready to socialise again?

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So fabulous news we can meet with family and friends again in the near future.

Will it be BBQ’s at Easter?  

Back garden gatherings? 

Seeing people in the flesh again is quite a daunting prospect to me.  I have got used to hiding behind a screen of some sort, facemask, zoom, facetime. 

The thought of wearing proper clothes (on the top & bottom) again is enough to send me into a wardrobe panic! I think it’s cruel letting us out in public and again before the hairdressers are able to work their magic.

However, I think this is the light at the end of the health tunnel we all needed – the only certainty is that we will be strutting our stuff together within weeks not  months. This has got to be a massive incentive to get that arse in gear and sort out those lockdown love handles.  

Kate's 5 Top Tips for stepping out of Lockdown with Confidence

The timing for the end of Lockdown is different for many of us, but you have a matter of weeks to turn yourself around.  Picture yourself standing in your garden greeting your family or friends, visualisation can take you and your brain to a happy place, just close your eyes and imagine.

  1. How do you want to feel? If you get a grip now you could be feeling confident, healthy and excited at the prospect of seeing people. Imagine this every morning before you even get out of bed and it will help you make better choices during that day.
  2. Dig out the outfit you feel great in, put it at the front of your wardrobe as a reminder of the fun that’s coming soon. Try it on and if it doesn’t fit as it did, start changing your habits daily so it will fit.
  3.  Get moving. The days are getting longer every day now, get those trainers on and go for a quick (so your heart rate goes up) walk, even 15 minutes a day WILL make a difference. Even if you are doing a form of exercise already this little extra will help you mentally and physically. Connecting with nature and getting those endorphins pumping is all good news.
  4. Replace one or two meals with a smoothie instead. In January I introduced a meal plan and beginners smoothie guide to my 7 Day Belly Blasting Challenge and the results were amazing. Use the fruits and vegetables you like and combine them with nuts, chia seeds etc to give you a health boost but without the usual calorie intake. I would only do this for 2 meals for a week or two then just one, I love starting my day with a smoothie now. 
  5. Tell a friend and do it together, encourage and look forward to seeing each other again. Accountability is key when you have been behind a closed door for so long. I would not use scales as your gauge of success only your clothes or measurements. See my Blog on why I want to lose weight is a terrible goal.

I hope these tips help you and a friend get off the sofa and back on track with your health. as you know I’m dedicated to helping be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves and if you need any more help please reach out to me or comment below.  

If you are in need of a Quick fix you will love my 7 Day Belly Blasting Challenge where ladies have had incredible results and have not got their momentum for exercise back. What ever path you choose I wish you well in your return to normality and socialising once more. Kate XOXO  

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