It’s so easy for us to creep up a dress size each year, especially over the age of 45 when our metabolism is slowing down and we are busier than ever. 

The start of the menopause (perimenopause) causes our bodies to have huge hormone fluctuations which result in us getting easily bloated and retaining unwanted belly fat. 

This 7 Day Challenge will give you the momentum you need to kick start your metabolism and reduce that bloated feeling with a gentle, painless detox.

Tammi Macmanard  Jan 2021

The best gift you can give to yourself. I felt so much better after the belly-blasting challenge, less bloated, less podgy! I totally trust Kate with my health and fitness. Thanks, Kate x

I have helped thousands of ladies over the last 31 years to regain their body confidence, lose inches and increase their energy levels. I’m here to help you too.

I know life can get in the way and you are busy so I have taken the guesswork out of what to eat and drink.

For extra flexibility, you’ll get a custom list of the food types & recipes to suit your taste.  This gives you freedom in what you eat, so you’re never missing out. 

A painless detox is exactly what most ladies bodies need, you don’t need headaches and hunger, you just need to freshen up your system.

What's included in the 7-day plan?

A meal plan & smoothie guide.

This easy to follow plan gives you an example 3 day plan then the knowledge to adjust the meals to your personal taste and preferences. It is a vegetarian & vegan-friendly plan. 

Kate has designed the unique ‘Smoothie Guide’ for ladies to understand the nutritional benefits of the fruits and veg then choose which you like to include.

Daily guided exercises.

Kate guides and motivates you with daily belly-blasting exercises that take only 10 minutes but help get the results.

You can comment and ask questions each day. If one exercise does not suit you Kate will give you an alternative.  These exercises are great for beginners or regular exercisers, as you work for 30 seconds -a minute at your own pace.   

Access to a private Facebook support group.

Daily accountability is key to the success of this plan. This wonderful group of ladies will give you encouragement, new ideas of smoothies and recipes that have worked for them. 

It’s a great place to celebrate your success at the end of the  7 days .

The Price for the 7 Day Belly Blasting Challenge is only £9.99

Let me answer your questions in this video.

As you can see from the testimonials below ladies just like you have had incredible result from this 7 Day quick fix and have then stayed with me within Kate’s Club which is my online community dedicated to helping you get through these tough times feeling fit and healthy. Both of these programs will give you incredible results especially if at the moment:

  • you can’t be bothered to exercise
  • you have been ill or injured
  • you have become a LOCKDOWN looser
  • you are constantly anxious about your body
  • you want to have something to look forward to each day
  • you are working from home and need extra inspiration

Enjoy this 7-day Challenge, let’s get you the momentum of feeling good on a daily basis, the spring back in your step & the smile on your face.