You are currently viewing 4 Reasons why you MUST exercise during the menopause even when you don’t want to.

4 Reasons why you MUST exercise during the menopause even when you don’t want to.

I know I get it ! You're tired, bloated, HOT ! Why would you want to exercise ?

However this is one of the most important times to exercise. 

Within the video I explain the 4 main reasons why it’s a MUST not a should. 

  1. You will feel so good right after you do it – the natural endorphin rush will put you no a little high ! 
  2. Your metabolism has slowed down and if you continue to eat the same way you always have and don’t exercise you will put on weight – especially round the middle (that’s why I invented the 7 Day Belly Blaster Challenge  . 
  3. You are vulnerable to Osteoporosis – brittle bones, due to your estrogen levels dropping, especially if you have family history of it. Low impact exercise is vital to keep our bone density . High impact is not your friend anymore – say good bye to hours of cardio, 15 minutes daily walking, yoga, or Kate’s Club are ideal. 
  4. You are less likely to eat CRAP if you have exercised that day because you don’t want to sabotage your effort. 

Watch this space for the next FEEL GOOD FORTNIGHT  starting on 1st September. It’s the perfect present for you! 

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  1. Karen Hollands

    Hi Kate, I have been looking at your page with keen interest. I am 49 and have just reached menopause (today in fact). Have been exercising (I am a runner) and have still out 1.5 stone on. All the symptoms inclusing lack of sleep which has been awful.
    If you have anything specific on post menopause, I would also be interested to look into it.
    Definitely want my old self back 😢

    1. Kate Sansum

      Hi Karen,
      I’m so sorry to hear your are struggling. As a runner you might be more prone to putting on the dreaded belly Fat during the Menopause – I don’t know why no-one talks about this but cardio will no longer serve you like it did – in fact if you are not eating enough protein it will actually cause you to lose muscle and store fat. The secret is to mix up resistance training with your other workout to keep your muscles, which will in turn burn the fat. This resistance training does not need to be weights in a gym, as you probably know by now within my Kate’s Club I constantly mix up the routines of exercise to ensure my ladies are triggering all the main muscle groups with bands/ hand weights or just your own body weight. Consistency is the key – I would love to help you on this journey and do have quite a number of runners in the club at the moment. Here is the link if that is of interest to you and if you use the code ‘belly’ at checkout you can try a month for only £8.99 (don’t worry no contracts or hidden rubbish) or if you would like a 10 minute phone call consultation prior to this just text me on 07775918079,
      kindest regards Kate

  2. Donna

    Thanks to one of my best friends who recommended Kate’s Club to me, I have been a member now for 5 weeks . It fits in with my family & work life & Kate is very knowledgable ,keeps it real ,safe & fun. I started by trialling the 7 day Belly Blaster which I enjoyed & then joined Kate’s Club. So far I have reduced my waist by 4 inches ,lost almost 1 Stone & feel much healthier. The only regret is that I didn’t find Kate’s Club sooner .

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