Top 10 Tips for Boosting Energy & Metabolism during Menopause

When I hit Menopause I realised the old rules no longer applied. 

Things had to change if I wanted to help ladies (and myself!) get rid of that annoying ‘bit around the middle’. 

These 10 rules will allow you to regain control of your body shape instead of gradually increasing a dress size each year. 

You see, when you reach the age of 45+ it gets a bit frustrating when you feel the crazy changes happening with your body…

…Like feeling low energy and just feeling tired all the time.

No wonder right because often those nasty hot flashes keep us up at all hours during the night and you wonder when this will ever stop.

I hear all the time from my clients about how they wake up during the night, WIDE AWAKE with anxiety and their mind is racing with “all the thoughts” of past decisions they have made or what’s ahead of them in the morning.

Even worse, we often see the change in our body…a bloated belly and more.

80% of my clients come to me because they are frustrated with their Belly. 

After 31 years of being a wellness expert…

I’ve found that 10 things I’ve recommended my clients to do have been extremely helpful.

If you are Perimenopausal or menopausal you’re going to love these 10 tips.


Click Play to watch the video below to see the 10 tips to make your life easier!

  1. Stop calorie counting & Yo Yo dieting -Your body is the least tolerant it has ever been, your diets of the past will probably no longer work. Calorie counting, Weight watchers points etc will not reduce the bloat or fat for the majority of ladies over 50. You now need to change your attitude about eating FOR GOOD.

  2. Change your workouts – doing 3 one hour workouts a week will not reduce your belly any more. You need frequent short bursts of exercise that increase the heart rate but are low impact as you will be more prone to injury. I have found the ideal plan within my online exercise session in Kate’s Club is 15/20 minutes 4/5 times a week. Resistance training is key as you want to retain your muscles which burn the calories and if you just do cardio workouts the decreasing estrogen levels will mean the muscles will decrease. This doesn’t need to be weight training at the gym, it can be squat and other exercises using your body weight, yoga, resistance bands.

  3. Eat colourful carbohydrates – during menopause dark coloured fruit and vegetables are best due to their nutrient content. So choose red grapes versus white, red cabbage versus white, sweet potato over white potatoes. This will also help with the bloat that so many ladies suffer from at this time.

  4. Portion size is key – due to the estrogen dropping in our body from over the age of 45 we require less food to function. If you eat the same amount you did in your 30’s you will put on weight. Within my 7 Day Belly Blasting Challenge, I provide a complete eating plan with portion sizes to give people the best start to their new regime. eating from a side plate can be a good way to control your portion sizes too.

  5. Be aware of blood sugar dips – eating small amounts frequently throughout the day is far better for your system at this stage. You will know when your blood sugar levels dip as it gives you a headache in your temples, unlike any other headache. Once you recognise it you can balance your eating accordingly. I eat 5 small meals a day for this reason.

  6. Get more sleep – I know this is such a difficult thing to do at this stage of life if you are suffering from nighttime anxiety(alcohol will accentuate this), night sweats and sleeping much lighter than ever. However you can aid sleep by having a nighttime routine of wind down, no screen time for 45 minutes before closing your eyes, a silent fan by the side of your bed (my recommendations are here )Use cotton sheets, a lavender spray, a cooling pillow, ensure you have blackout blinds.

  7. Make time for relaxation – if your body is stressed it will hang on to the body fat as part of our ancient ‘Fight or Flight’ mode. Take some time to look after your stress levels by listening to a guided meditation, taking a bath, going in the garden, stroking your pet. Generally taking time to be in the moment not worrying about events in the past or what will happen in the future.

  8. Walking for weight loss – make different choices about when to use the car and when to walk. Park further away from the supermarket and enjoy the extra step that soon clocks up. Ensure you are walking in an active way burning as many calories as you can with each step. For a full explanation and demonstration go to my Blog – Walking for Weight loss 

  9. Get a workout buddy-Accountability is so important because at this stage of life we have become masters of excuses why not to stick to this plan. Knowing you are either supporting someone else or sharing your weekly results is a great way to gain momentum until it is part of your daily habit.

  10. Make long term lifestyle changes – The key to keeping weight off is to maintain healthful habits in the long term. Fad diets tend to result in short-term weight loss, while adopting healthful habits, including cooking routines and getting regular exercise, are more likely to result in long-term effects.

If you need support and guidance with changing your routine for the better and winning in the game of life again please take a look at my online community of ladies just like you have had massive success with their long term health and happiness.