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How can I help you lose that Belly Fat & bloat?

All of my programs are designed with real life in mind - no more YoYo dieting, or mad workouts that leave you sore for days but still don’t resolve the problem of that unwanted belly fat, back fat & bloated feeling. The secret to losing the fat and keeping it off is in my Simple eating plan, which is incorporated in to all the programs, combined with the very regular but short workouts. The eating plan works so well for all the ladies you’ve seen because :

How else can Kate help your Health?

Kate Sansum regularly contributes to her Social Media Community especially Facebook where she has a following of nearly 50,000 by leading fitness challenges online

Feel Good Fortnight

7 Day Belly Blasting challenge

Fun interactive workouts with Kate

These 15 minute workouts are all low impact but incredibly effective for ladies especially over the age of 40, when you need to pay special attention to your hormones & changing metabolism if you want to stand change of losing weight!

These are fresh and different every week and Kate’s participates LIVE 5 days a week from her home gym with life and children in the back ground ! ‘Kate keeps it Real’ is one of the most frequent testimonials written by the 1,000’s of ladies Kate has helped over her 31 years of teaching ladies fitness classes.
Kate wants to know your health goals and helps keep you on track during her weekly LIVE Q&A sessions.

What People Are Saying

"Kate is such an inspirational lady. So supportive and such an amazing zest for wanting to promote health and wellness to so many people. I work full time for the nhs and am a mummy to my crazy 7 year old twin boys and even though life is hectic Kate’s club is something that is easily fitted in every day. Loving the amazing results from making very small changes, I’m feeling better than I have in years both physically and mentally. Kate’s club is something that you can do anywhere at anytime to suit you. Thanks Kate, keep up the good work. ❤️❤️ Emma"
Emma Cousins
"I've been with Kate's Club for a number of month's now. she is absolutely Incredible, Consistent, Energetic, Encouraging, and Extremely Supportive. she turns up every single day in person to pick us and and give us one hell of a full body workout. She keeps it real with no fancy gimmicks. i used to go to the gym and classes for hours and not see these results ive gained already. if your needing accountability a kick up the butt and to generally feel better about yourself. Kate's club is the place for you. 💪😊"
Charlotte Woodhead
"I’ve been in Kate’s club now since November and I’m absolutely loving the journey. She is so Motivated and funny in a morning when doing your exercises. I feel like I’ve made a new friend. I’ve also just completed the lady power course and I have learned so much. I feel I’m a much healthier happier and slimmer person because of Kate. She is an inspiration and it’s the best thing Ive done for myself. If your thinking about joining just do it you won’t regret it.I would like to add that since Loosing the weight I am now finding it easy to maintain with the eating plan. It’s so easy to do and I can honestly say that I’ve never been hungry at all. Thank you I love Kate’s club and my husband likes the new me 🥰 xxx"
Nicola Thomas

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